Increased needs for competence in warehouse logistics

Those of you who follow what is published about warehouse logistics and the high pace of development may have noticed there is a common thread through all the articles, increased complexity.

The warehouse logistics flow is getting more and more volatile and in order to tackle this we need more and more complex solutions. It is both hardware and software but not least leadership and organizations.

I started to write articles about warehouse logistics in 2017, the first subject was leadership and there was a reason for that. I often see that leadership and management in warehouse logistics is a subject that is neglected. It is very strange considering how much knowledge there is today in the subject.

I had said I before and I say it again! It does not matter how much you invest in technology you are still dependent of humans in your warehouse logistics. To achieve full potential in your investments and be agile you need a leadership that encourage engagement and educate staff in order to be multi-competent. In order to move resources to avoid sub-optimization you need staff that is competent in as many processes and departments as possible. I have written many articles about warehouse leadership on this blog.

The pace of development in warehouse logistics have never been faster than now. The pandemic with increased flow in e-commerce and e-grocery have forced logistics to move forward many years in only eight months or so. This means there is a strong need of competence in warehouse development also. It is not enough to use management-consulting firms you need in-house competence because this is no passing trend it is here to stay.

Why do you need in-house competence regarding development? Because continuous improvement is the only way forward. The competition is tougher than ever and this means that warehouse logistics is an increasingly important margin enhancer and competitive advantage. Moreover, to secure future development you need your own competence who is experts in your flow. It is not only development regarding efficiency. I f you push the warehouse it also affects quality and the risk for disruptions. Everything is connected you need to look at all aspects. Everything is about balance. You can reach a certain level with todays solution if you pass that level you increase the risk of disruptions.

What you need is competence who follow and monitor the warehouse flow in continuous development. When you have reached the limit, you need to look what can improve the flow without negatively affect service, quality and reliability.

With the fast pace in development you need competence who monitor what is happening in the industry regarding trends, in technology both hardware and software. For continuous improvement, you need continuous learning. Remember that!

Roberth Karlsson


  1. After years of overseeing millions of square feet of a wide array of warehousing operations, I have a question regarding location accuracy of store and pick in racked operations. I do have a possible solution to insure accuracy.

    I would appreciate a quick conversation.

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